Easy, Cost-Effective Tips for Staging Your Home

Home staging is a concept; it sounds expensive. It evokes images of buying (or renting) brand new furniture and paying interior designers thousands of dollars to redesign your home — maybe repainting and doing repairs while you’re at it. Don’t worry! Staging your home doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective! There are simple, […]

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Before You Sell?

Step away from the sledgehammer. There are significant benefits in preparing a home for sale before it goes on the market but keep in mind that there are a lot of projects that don’t provide good return on their investment, i.e., the value they add to your home is less than what the renovation costs. […]

Winter Staging Ideas for Home Sellers

We just finished up a photoshoot at a friend’s house in Tewksbury that will be coming on the market soon (contact us if you want to know where!) and found it almost comical how many times we pointed out to the sellers the difference between how one lives in a house and how one presents […]

Call Before You Dig in New Jersey!

Before you put your shovel in the ground for a spring landscaping project  that involves digging or excavation of any kind (fencing? gardening? building a retaining wall?), be sure to contact the “Call Before You Dig” people so they can mark out exactly where the utilities (cable, electric, sewer, water, etc) are on on your […]

Spring Cleaning for a Good Cause! VNA Rummage Sale at the Far Hills Fairgrounds

If you’re like us, you’ve been meaning to clean out your closets and get rid of those jeans from high school and that breadmaker that you bought before you realized that you were gluten-sensitive, but just haven’t been able to get around to it.  If only you had a deadline…. Well, here’s your deadline:  April […]

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