If you are considering buying a property with a septic system, we strongly urge you to hire a licensed professional to inspect the system. Just because the toilets are flushing and sinks are draining does not mean that the septic system is working properly. At a minimum, a professional inspection should involve: 1) investigation into the public records pertaining to the septic system (and all repairs), 2) identifying the location of the septic tank and disposal fields, 3) inspection of the components of the system (tanks, distribution box, disposal field, etc.) with cameras as well a the naked eye, 4) hydraulic load testing (this is when a lot of water is added to the system to see how it handles it, and 5) a written report of the findings including suggestions for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance.
We have lived with septic systems for the last 15 years, and have experienced what it’ like to replace a septic system. For more information about septic systems, feel free to contact Leaf, Realtors® at 908-975-9756. We can share our experiences with you as well as direct you to useful resources in learning more about septic systems.