Pottersville post office, 07979 homes for saleAs a former resident of Pottersville, I can attest to the area’s special charms.  A trip to the Pottersville post office is one of the highlights of life in the area.  I can always count on an enthusiastic welcome from Jason or Jimmy, an opportunity to pet Tanner, Jimmy’s Corgi and work companion, or a little extra patience with me as I juggle a stack boxes to ship.   However, this Christmas, the Pottersville post office has a particularly special treat for local residents.
If you live in the Pottersville area, don’t miss the opportunity to send your letters to Santa this year in the mailbox set up especially for letters to him.
I’ve always thought that growing up in Manhattan had it’s advantages, but standing in line patiently with my mom at the Gracie Station post office was not one of the highlights of my childhood.  This year, our girls wrote their letters, and we posted them to Santa in the Pottersville post office (no stamps required — after all, this is Santa!), and thought that was the end of it.  A few days later, when we returned to check our mail, much to our surprise, from behind the desk, Jimmy let us know that Santa had written back to our girls.  He handed us two envelopes with their names on them.  With great delight, the girls read their cards from Santa and were thrilled to also find a sticker and candy cane in each of the cards.  Santa was very diplomatic in his response (“Barbies are very popular this year, but I’ll see what I can do”).
I’m thrilled that my friends at the Pottersville post office are helping Santa with the mountains of mail he must be receiving so that Santa could take the time to write back to the girls.  I also hope that he’s reading this blog post so he knows how appreciative we are that he’s brought some extra special magic to the Pottersville area this year.
If you’re not checking your mail at the Pottersville post office, perhaps it’s time to investigate our local real estate market.  Click to find homes for sale in Pottersville (zip code 07979).

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