It’s counter-intuitive to think that winter might be the best time of year to put your home on the market but there are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea. If you’re not sure about the right timing to begin marketing your home for sale, consider these points:

  1. If your the buyer for your home is not likely to be a family with school-age children, your perfect buyers are likely to be shopping year-round. (Many families with school-age children try to time their closing to coincide with summer holidays which is why so many homes in our area come on the market in the spring).
  2. A home decorated for the holidays can evoke the kind of emotions that can help increase a buyer’s emotional connection to that home.
  3. If your property is on the market now, it will have less competition from other homes on the market. Statistics regarding our local markets (which we’re happy to share with you — just ask!) show that year after year the supply of houses drops over the winter much more than the demand from buyers does. This balance of supply a can put you in a stronger negotiating position than at other times of the year.
  4. Winter buyers are serious buyers. Because this time of year is so busy for most people with shopping and parties if a buyer is scheduling a time to shop for a home, making a home purchase is likely a high priority for them.
  5. Let potential buyers put those year-end bonuses to good use!
  6. Relocation buyers move throughout the year and usually need to do so quickly once a decision to move is made. Financial relocation support from employers often comes with strict timelines. Additionally, relocating employees need to move with as little disruption as possible to their workplace and household.
  7. Some buyers may need to buy before the end of the year for tax benefits.
  8. The week between Christmas and New Years gives many people extra time away from work and school which they can use to shop for a home.
  9. Let buyers get to work early on their New Year’s resolutions. Make your home available to buyers intent on buying a new home in 2018.

No matter what time of year, as a home seller, you don’t have to move unless you like a buyer’s offer and terms (which include purchase price as well as closing date!). This time of year is great for finding serious buyers — contact Leaf, Realtors® at 908-975-9756 to find out how we can help put it to work for you!