The peak time for selling a home doesn't end on Memorial Day weekend

It’s conventional wisdom that the best time to put one’s house on the market in our area is in the spring. By many its considered the time when there are most buyers in the market are actively looking for homes. Real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and real estate lawyers know that typically, June 30th is the […]

FHA-approved Condos in Hunterdon County

If your plans for 2015 include purchasing a condo or townhouse with an FHA mortgage, you’ll need to pay attention to more than just saving for the 3% downpayment.  Before you start visiting different properties, be sure to confirm that a property that interests you is in a community currently approved for purchase with an FHA mortgage.  The […]

Why don't some real estate listings indicate the square footage of a property?

We are frequently asked about the square footage of properties (a/k/a “gross living area” or “GLA”), particularly when home buyers and sellers see descriptions of properties on the internet with descriptions that either do not include a reference to the square footage of a particular property or have square footage information that conflicts with information […]

Zoning Inspections No Longer Required in Tewksbury Township

News Flash! The Tewksbury Township Committee voted unanimously tonight to repeal inspections by the Zoning Officer as a pre-requisite to the sale of a home in Tewksbury Township.  This new ordinance goes into effect immediately. Of course, homeowners still must apply to the Township for necessary permits before undertaking certain kinds of improvements to their […]

Extra Questions To Ask When Shopping For a Condominium or Townhouse

If you’re a buyer considering buying a condominium or townhouse, make sure you pay attention not just to the individual units that are for sale, but look at issues associated with the community overall. Does it look like the landscaping and repairs are well-attended to? What amenities does the community have (tennis courts, pools, playgrounds, […]

Three Steps to Starting the Homebuying Process

If buying a home in 2014 is one of your New Year’s resolutions (or one of your spouses’), here’s some help in getting started in the process to keep it as streamlined, productive, and stress-free as possible.   First, choose your neighborhoods Deciding what’s important to you will help you narrow down the municipalities in […]

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